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nejiten fst: no explosions here

Looks great. I am not familiar with a lot of this music either. Ganking.

lllllovely. <33 I'm totally downloading.

Haha.. it took me like 5 minutes to figure out what to click on to comment..

Anyway, I'm taking with thanks!

Not knowing the fandom I can still see you have great taste in music. Downloading!

Just tryin' to spread the love. :3

Great music choices! (Damien Rice FTW! ♥)

Duddddeeee this is what the pic choices were for??
I would never would of stuck with things enough to come up with something like dis.
Kudos to ya babe.


Yah, *scratches head, wide grin*... For the sake of the festival. >3

Good Damien Rice choices! nice work ;) Not familiar with the other songs but shall give it a listen ^^

Thanks for the angst n crack

I love the compilation of this, so I'm downloading for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks a lot for commenting and downloading!

angst and crack are two of my fav flavors, that and you've got Maria Mena on this ♥

I'm taking the zip, thank you for sharing :D

♥~ Maria Mena FTW.

P.S. You're welcome. :D

I snagged this. Thanks for sharing!


Look at me replying ages later.
Well, now that a whole chunk of time has passed, how did you like the music?

I just found this. SO taking, thanks for sharing! I love the Neji/Tenten dynamic, it's fun.

You're welcome. IDK why I'm replying so late though. How'd you like the music?