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(No. 6 fanmix) Our Composition Book

Our Composition Book, a No. 6 fanmix

Some dreamy songs put together for no6holiday. Though there's lovesickness and longing to be found in these pieces, there's a lot of idyll, hope and warmth as well. With any luck, it'll be a mix that'll lull you into an afternoon nap, or keep you warm on a winter's day. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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I finally finished reading Atonement a minute ago. Overall, I preferred the film over the novel (SHOCK), but in some instances the book was superior to the film. For example, I felt the book described some characters much more endearingly than the film did, such as Corporal Nettle, Corporal Mace and Luc.

Still, I think I came away from this experience enriched. I've certainly learned a lot from Atonement, and at this rate I'm already reading much more than I did last year, which is simply an amazing accomplishment.

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I realise I'm a bit late into the fandom. Well, I first played FF12 a little more than a year ago, and instantly fell in love with the pairing. Up till now, I've not contributed with a single fanwork. In an attempt to make up for it, here's the fst. And my long winded song justifications. ♥

LJ is being a bitch and uploading my fst artwork in extremely crappy quality. So I tried imageshack instead. That doesn't really work well either. AIIsincerely apologise for how awful the rez is and how it looks disgustingly pixelated. Higher quality versions of them exist within the zip files, though. And slightly better versions here:


In a classic approach to all things Vaanelo, everything was made as warm and upbeat as possible. Including the cover art. I tried to make the music choices as awesome at as e lyrics, so if you don't snag for the sake of the fandom, do so to discover some new artists! ♥

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